Help, i get nothing after 1 or 2 keystrokes

just built a new gaming rig P5N-D ASUS mobo, Intel Q9550 cpu, EVGA 9800GT graphics SLI mode, Corsair TX750 psu, WD Caviar Black HD 1TB, OCZ SLI 800MHz 4x2048MB, Corsair H50 cpu cooler, CM Scout Case, will install Windows7 Pro when i get it up and running. Now my problem. when i enter setup (and i have to enter at power on) i only get 1 or 2 keystrokes then i freeze. i have the latest bios, used both jumper settings for the keyboard, reset the cmos, i can`t even set the time, after 1 keystroke i can`t navigate anymore with the keyboard. Any suggestions?
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  1. If you are using a USB keyboard, I would try using a old PS/2 keyboard.
    Try testing the memory with MEMTEST 86 or using different memory.
    Try testing the power supply or using a different power supply.
    Try a different processor if you have one.
  2. Pull out all of the memory and try with one stick, if you get in, set mem voltage and timings manually ( according to manufacturer spec's )
  3. Pulled all memory but 1POST screen says memory`s ok but system froze entering setup. also northbridge seems mighty hot.have 3 different keyboards same problem with all of them. All of my fans lights dvd player and graphics card works. i may have another processor i`ll try that as a later resort, what about the northbridge running so hot what could that be?
  4. Does the system actually boot? If so, check your temps with HWMonitor.
  5. well i got it to download windows files and i think it froze up again at the starting windows screen. really starting to think it`s the memory now.
  6. while searching ASUS forums i found this, MOD says the P5N-D mobo doesn`t like auto timings. so i need to reset them. thx guys
  7. If it's freezing up with a single stick setting the timings manually isn't going to help.
    Check your manual and see if the OCZ's are on the Qualified Vendor List.

    Are you using the stock Intel cooler ?
    Check to make sure it is fully locked in place.

    If the NB is getting hot that fast you may want to remove it and apply some fresh thermal paste before doing anything else.
  8. i had a Corsair water cooler on the proccessor pulled it off and put the stock heatsink on nb runs much cooler now but my problem persists also my ram isn`t on the list but is the correct ram
  9. Yeah, did some checking, and it apparently does work even though it's not on the list.
    Could be bad ram, could be the board.
    If you can , try the ram in another machine.
  10. thx, wen`t to ComputerBay they custom build and repair. Bought 1 stick he uses on the P5N-D mobos when he builds them. that didn`t work i still have the same problem. I think i`m gonna take it in, it`s $30 to test everything but a 1 week wait. So ram isn`t the issue since ive tried 5 compatable sticks at least. thx delluser1 for your help
  11. how do i remove the nb without damaging the pins that attach it to the mobo?
  12. Should have been more clear on that, you would be removing the NB heatsink.
    This needs to be done with the board out of the case.
    I use a pair of needle nose pliers to pinch the pins ( from the back side of the board ) and remove them.
  13. yh delluser1 i figured it had to be out of the board and needle nose would need to be used, just seemed to me pinching them would damage them and wondered if there was a better way. here`s an update i put a hard drive in from another pc i have got all the wat to where the microsoft bar rolls across the screen then the bright blue screen flashed on the screen couldn`t tell what it said but from past experience i think it was warning for a memory problem so i need to find out what to set to 5-4-4 and 2.1v to see if that helps
  14. The full mem specs are 5-4-4-15 @ 2.1v
    You will find the info for making the changes in your MB manual.
    When you change the settings, make sure that the command rate is set to 2T.
  15. thx again delluser1, finally was able to contact ASUS tech support and was told it`s probably the memory controller and the board needs to be serviced. thx again delusser1 for your support and all who contributed
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