Can my P8P67 control my chassis fans?

I just finished a build with an Asus P8P67 Deluxe and the BIOS reports max fan speeds (I have one front 120-mm fan and one rear 120-mm fan). I decided not to use the included case fans and went aftermarket. The fans themselves each have a yellow wire with a three-pin connector on the end (they're powered via a Molex connector); I plugged one fan into PWR_FAN1 and the other into CHA_FAN1 on my board. I'm trying to control fan speed via BIOS but whenever I make changes the fan speed doesn't change.

My question is, can my fans be controlled by my motherboard? My motherboard manual says that the pin for which my fan has a wire is for "rotation", although I have no idea if that's actually for controlling rotation or if that's just for reporting the RPM (I think it's for RPM because there's a +5-V pin and a ground pin).

Are my suspicions right?

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  1. try use Software Speed Fan
  2. I'm not even sure SpeedFan would work; I need to know if my motherboard can control my fans. I suppose I could always download SpeedFan and try.
  3. motherboard can't control speed fan SYS , the fan will ran at full speed RPM , and in bios show control Fan CPU only
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