Would i need to slipstream sata drivers for this motherboard?

hi i purchased a new sata hdd and a motherboard, the GA-G41M-ES2L and a fresh windows xp sp3 oem.
just to prepare for what come. would the sata drivers be supported natively, and do all windows xp installation disks require slipstreaming?

if i need to slipstream could you give me a quick rundown. would i get the sata drivers from the motherboard installation cd?
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  1. SATA is supported natively in WinXP. RAID arrays are not, so if you want RAID it is best to load with the F6 key early in the install, or slipstream to an installation CD. There are several ways to slipstream, I've found a program called nLite to be the easiest and quickest. You can find it here. Install it and follow the steps listed.
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