G Skill Ripjaws or OCZ AMD Black Edition?

Hey Everyone,

First gaming/CS4 rig being built and here's what I've got so far...

Antec 1200 Case (purchased)
Antec CP-850 (purchased)
965 BE C3 125w (decided, not purchased)
MSI 790fx GD70 (decided, not purchased,unless I can be convinced to get the Gigabyte GA-790FXTA-UD5)

Memory....should I get the G Skill Ripjaws or OCZ AMD Black Edition 1600mhz 4GB?

Anyone have experience with these? Why one or the other?


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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    If you are not going to OC,then go with the cheaper one because timings/voltages are mainly important for OC'ng,but if you want to OC,then please post their full specs
  2. Ahh of course...

    OCZ Black Edition:

    1600MHz DDR3
    CL 7-7-7-24
    1.65 Volts

    G Skill:

    Speed DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
    Cas Latency 9
    Timing 9-9-9-24-2N
    Voltage 1.5V

    Now remember, I am a noob and I'm looking for something that would be nice to learn on. Evidently the OCZ is made to integrate perfectly with the CPU and allow easier (less chance to melt something) overclocking.

    I hate to say it, I don't even know how to interpret all the specs (I've read the memory guide here, I just don't know it well enough to teach it back to someone).

    What speed am I looking for to go with a Phenom II 965 BE and an MSI 790FX-GD70? I see 1333 and 1600 being the most popular...but why? What does the (PC312800) mean?
  3. Best answer
    Both are good,i would go for OCZ Black edition due to lower timings
  4. Maziar said:
    Both are good,i would go for OCZ Black edition due to lower timings

  5. No problem,glad to help:)
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