8800 gts 320 to a 9800gtx 512

i wanna hear thoughts on this i want to spend like a 100 bucks us and found a couple on newegg for cheap i was thinking a easy switch aroo,so yeah thoughts

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150422 one candidate
the other
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  1. I wouldn't get anything in the 9000 series as they are a slight increase from the 8800 series. You will see an increase in performance, especially as you are using the older g92 320MB GTS, but to me it's not worth the price.

    Your best bet is to wait until the new cards come out, that way all the better cards not will drop in price. There are also Ati cards that are around the same price and is better than the cards you listed. One of them being the 4770.
  2. yeah the difference wont be big enough to justify buying a new card. if ur selling ur old card then u could go for it i guess... but u should put that down for a GTX 260 or a 275. they are pretty cheap tehse days.

    here's one for $164... the 216 core version. there are some others on there for the same price but its the 192 core version which you should avoid.

    gtx 260 216 is currently one of the best cards for the price

    or get the HD 4870 ffor $149. but i'd pick the nvidia.
  3. WAIT. So right now you currently have a 8800gts? if you do then don't get the 9800gtx+ just get a 4870 for $120
  4. thats not a bad choice either. 512MB 4870s are cheaper and more than adequate if your not playing on massive resolutions with high AA settings,
  5. im not im playing on a 22in monitor 1680/1050 and i have a 500 wwtt psu you thts my problem for the next gen cards
  6. Don't get the 9800gtx it is similar to your 8800gts
  7. Go with a Core 216 GTX 260 imo.
  8. I'd say an ATi 4770 for $110 or the Core 216 GTX 260 for $170
  9. The 9800gtx+ is FAR superior to the 8800gts 320mb, what you people smoking? For $90 it would be a great upgrade.....
  10. Not a high enough one. The 4870 or 360 would be quite noticeable, whereas the 9800 would maybe allow for higher fps, but no extra eye candy
  11. The 8800gts 320mb was a G80 core. The 9800GTx plus would be an upgrade, but you should get aat least a 4870 or gtx 260 216.
  12. Orly?

    By the time the 9800gtx+ came out the 8800 gts320mb was an antique. I know this because I had one. Then upgraded to an 8800gt and I was happy with that for a long while until i recently put in sli.

    That was the 640mb version benched, trust me the 320mb was less able.

    No doubt in my mind that the 4870 or 260 would be superior to the 9800gtx+ but for the extra cash those cost upwards of $150ish....OP stated $100ish.
  13. The 9800gtx was similar or just ahead in certain scenaios than the 8800gtx, as the 9800 was simple a suped up 8800gts 512.
    The 8800GTX beat the 9800 in some games using a larger res, with higher textures
  14. So, its like going from where hes at to a slightly/maybe better 8800GTX
  15. Its okay upgrade but i would go with a gt260 or 4870. (prefer 4870 because its cheaper & on same performance level)

    gtx260: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010380048%20106792634&name=GeForce%20GTX%20200%20Series

    4870: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131140
  16. I went from the 8800GTS 320 to a XFX GTX260-216 Black Edition, which was a great improvement. Looking back it was a tossup between that and the 1GB 4870.
  17. Well Cleeve recommends a three tier jump at least, and it barley makes 4 , but all those cards are really lumped together, you dont really see seperation in perf until the 4870 and the 260
  18. I'm with Snowbum. The 9800GTX+ is far superior to the 320MB 8800GTS and is worth the upgrade if budget doesn't allow a GTX260 / HD 4870. At the right settings, you could easily see twice the performance going from your card to the 9800GTX+. If that's 25 vs 50 fps, at the settings you want to play at, that's huge. Just do your research and understand what to expect from the new card. What res are you gaming at? What games are you looking to play? FSAA important?

    I don't like paying $90-100 for a refurb though when the GTS 250 has been around $100 new at times. Look for a new HD 4850 for about the same price new.

    Edit, here's one example: 21 vs 79 FPS

    Likely 16x10 and above or 4xAA in a GPU intensive game and you'll see a huge difference. The GTS 320 is getting slaughtered at those settings:
  19. ok so paul that mean's my 4670 is better than the 8800gts?!?? i think there is something wrong with the first chart.
  20. The 9800 GTX+ would not be worth the upgrade, especially if you plan on eventually moving up to an 22 or 24 in monitor. I upgraded from the 8800 GTS 320MB to a 9800 GT but wasn't so I got the 8800 GTS 512MB, wasn't happy so I got the GTS 250, wasn't happy so I got the GTX 260 and finally happy!

    Sell your 8800 GTS 320MB to a friend for around $50 or less, then add the cash to your budget and you'll have enough for the GTX 260.
  21. @nutz, Nothing is wrong with that chart. The 8800gts tested only has 320mb @256-bit gddr3 of Vram. Any current game over 1280x1024 is pushing its limits.....

    ^you graphics card whore ;)
    Prolly the best suggestion yet on this thread too.
  22. I was thinking the ati because im a amd fanboy but i was wondering if my cpu will be bottle necking performance i purchased a oem machine and it came with a intel conroe e2220 @ 2.20 ghz. also runig 4 gbs of corsair and a apevia 500 watt psu on a 32 bit system
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