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I know its a little hard to predict certain temperatures of a PC considering there are lots of factors to consider. However I was just wondering if some with experience could give me a rough idea of the temperatures I would get with the following:

i5 2500k

Gigabyte GA-Z68-UD3R-B3

Coolermaster HAF-922 /w standard case fans + 1 x 200m coolermaster LED side fan + 1 x 140mm coolermaster silent fan for the bottom

Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler (also how well does this cooler perform?)

Arctic silver 5 thermal compound

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  1. Thermaltake Frio CPU is good cooler and temperature depend high voltage and ambient temperature, only emphasizes use safely long term OC or No OC max temperature when fulload 60C .. you will be fine !
  2. go to frostytech (.com) to check out how well you can expect most heat sinks to work.
    at this point are you worried about sound? the HAF is not known for it's quietness and neither is the frio when your cpu warms up
    you may want to look at another solution, maybe something from scythe or a H2o application.
  3. At this point sound I'm not really worried too much about. The frio was one of a few coolers I was looking at.

    others included:

    Thermalright archon
    Scythe mugen 2
    noctua nh-c14 (although worried about its size)
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    i wasn't worried about sound before either, but if you have it in a quiet room, it's all you are going to hear. trust me, I had a stock amd cooler before, i could only live with it for 3 months before i bought something to replace it, every time i encoded a video I'd have 2-3 hours of vacuum sound you could hear from other side of the house.
  5. Most of the time I will be planning on using a headset anyway, unless I'm using the PC for a brief period. I decided to go with the Mugen 2 though.

    Thanks for your input however.
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