New build problem detecting hdds cant install OS

im building a new rig just got it all put together and am trying to install ubuntu on it, i get to the par where it asks for patitions and it does not list any hdds on it. so i went back to my bios screen and its not detecting my hdds on the sata ports, any tips? i have 2x velociraptor 150gigs ea on a asus p6x58d premium motherboard
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  1. I see i got a lot of lookers, i went over the manual and turns out the topmost sata connections on my mobo are for newer hdds than the velociraptors i guess for ssds and stuff so i moved it to a different sata connector and it detected it, thanks for thinking! if you have the same problem in the future on a build there ya go! dont freak like me
  2. LOL. When all else fails RTM. :D

    Glad you got it sorted.
  3. heres the system specc since its a new build 2x ati 5850s xfired waiting for my second bridge to come in the mail, sadly the ones that come with the cards are short(angry letter material) modded with koolance water blocks, koolance radiator, koolance cpu block over a i7 920 not yet oc'd, 2x 4gig(2x2) g.skill trident ddr3 ram, thermaltake 1200w toughpower psu, waterpump and reservoir from thermaltake, 2x velociraptor 10krpm 150gig raid 0 hdds, ASUS p6x58d premium mobo, all inside a thermaltake armor + full size tower. and the screen displaying it all 23" viewsonic. trying to run ubuntu NOT because im cheap but because ive had it with windows altho i havent tried 7 yet and im interested in linux, curiosity not that the 3300 bucks this computer set me back wont hurt for a bit :P
  4. Funny!!! Happens to all of us. I sometimes have to read the manual twice to find what I want.
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