Psu damage more than this

here is what happened, installed new psu and gpu. booted fine, on for a day. next day hdd beeping, wierd hdd's beep. anyway won't boot. put in a new hdd i had and proceeded to boot of os cd. booted fine but no graphics, and fan is at full speed. removed card and switched to onboard, fine got graphics but not from the new one i just bought. now the comp doesn't boot at all shuts down due to thermal error. wtf. remove new psu, put old one back in and it boots fine and able to install os. running fine for a week. now i am out a psu and a gpu and an old drive.

corsair tx 750w
sapphire radeon hd 4670 512mb
installed on a compatible intel mobo with western digital 500gb sata hdds and a samsung sata dvd.

strange thing is the psu out of the case running dual with my old psu can run an optical drive fine but not a harddrive.

so anybody have a problem similiar and did it damage more? just wondering if mobo or cpu has been damaged.
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  1. Did you hook up the extra power connector on the video card?

    Check your temperatures in the bios.
  2. The computer is shutting down to excessive temperature of the CPU.
    Reinstall heatsink and thermal compound.
  3. this particular card doesn't have the extra . temps were fine. as soon as i changed the psu i was good to go. i really would like to know how much other damage has been done and i f anybody else has had a problem similiar so i can investigate more. thanks for the reply
  4. reinstalled heat sink before changing psu
  5. If you're getting a thermal error, your temps are not "fine".
  6. i no longer have a thermal error, once i replaced the psu, machine stable and operational.
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