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Hi guys, I've got some questions. First off, what does a dual channel ram actually do? Does it perform faster when it's in dual channel mode (or whatever you call it)?

I only know that to use dual channel, your motherboard has to have 2 of the same coloured slots, and that you put 2 ram (the exact same one) on the same coloured slots.

On my motherboard, i have 2 blue slots & 2 black slots, and i have a 512mb Kingston ram, so i put both on the blue slots, and that's it right? I don't have to configure anything in the bios or anything??

But how will i know whether my ram supports dual channel or not??

Also, say if i put another ram in the slot, but it's not the same brand or even the same memory size as the other 2, so if i put that in the black slot, will this break the dual channel mode??

2nd question is, is there a program to overclock ram?? I know for CPU there is Clockgen, and graphics cards there are tons like Rivatuner etc, i use those all the time, but never tried overclocking ram. I know u can do it straight from the bios but i'm not good at that and i prefer using softwares, so any suggestions??

and lastly, just an off topic question, is Raidmax 520W a good PSU? I know wattage isn't really the focus here, it's more of the amps on the 12V rails right? But i mean, is that brand good?? I heard it's pretty ***, but compare that to Auriga or any other crappy brands, is that at least okay enough, coz i got it really cheap and i'm hoping it doesn't blow up or anything, i got that along with a 8800GT for $100 total, and that's really cheap since it's in New Zealand dollars, so it should be even cheaper in USD, anyway i've been running it since yesterday and haven't had any problems running a few games on high settings, i'm just a little worried whether that brand is good or not.....
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  1. Install ram in pairs for dual channel mode; save any leftovers for testing. Use the same brand and speed for good stability. Avoid windows overclocking programs; they generally don't work, and won't save your settings. The bios is the only sure fire way to overclock consistently. Raidmax is low end; for high end video cards, use antec, enermax, corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, or ocz in 650-750w. Save your money and use quality parts. I don't overclock; I prefer stability. I know from experience that overclocking can cause problems in the long run, increasing your chance of a board or cpu failure. Best advice; once your system is stable, leave it alone, and don't touch anything with your hands, which can cause electro static discharge. I worked at dell assemblying computers, and we were shown damaged motherboards due to handling components without an esd wristband. Now they put the esd protection on the shoes. If you're poor, just be glad your computer works, and leave it alone.
  2. don't worry, i overclock CPU & graphics cards all the time, and mostly to the extreme, so i know what i'm doing. I just never did that with ram and don't like overclocking using the bios, and softwares DO work, in fact only softwares work when u wanna overclock graphics cards, they do save settings, they're called profiles btw, so they load up through registry everytime u startup the PC so your overclocked settings are always loaded. They also offer other features like fan control and other advanced settings that you won't get from bios.

    As for the dual channel mode, what exactly does it do?? I already have 2 of the same exact brand (Kingston) and same speed and everything, they're the exact same ram stick, but what exactly does dual channel do?? And if i put int a 3rd ram stick that is a different brand, will this break the dual channel mode?

    Ya i do know about the importance of a PSU, and i know what good brands are, i have 2 main gaming rigs running 1000W Antec & Enermax, but i'm just using the Raidmax on my old PC simply because i got a very good deal on the 8800GT so i had to use my old PC to install it, and it's mainly for low to mid end gaming generally so i'm not gonna waste money on a hardcore PSU, i already have 2 systems running GTX 295 triple SLI & another system running 2x HD5870 so i'm not planning to waste money on this old PC.

    I just need to know if Raidmax is decent enough to not blow up, and whether it's better than Auriga since people tell me that brand blows up easily.
  3. bump.....
  4. I wouldn't buy a Raidmax PSU, not even to put into your computer.

    You can do an overclock that is long term stable, but it takes a fair amount of work and care.

    And you need to take the time to learn to use the BIOS.

    I am not a proponent of overclocking RAM. We discuss that here:
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