Asus pt6 motherboard first power up problems

I've just finished my build.
Short question: Does the Bios beep through the on board audio or just through the case speaker (which my case does not have)?

Background (any advice is appreciated)
When I power up the video and case fans run but there is no bios startup screen. I'm using Antec P183 case which does not have a speaker, so I can not hear any bios beeps for diagnosis. I've tried plugging in the headset port, there is no sound there. Any trouble shooting ideas?

The video board has two DVI ports, my monitor is plugged into the one labeled DVI-1. BTW, the fan on the video board is incredibly loud.

ASUS PT6 Motherboard
Intel i7 920
GeForce 9800GT
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  1. Unsure about are you getting nothing to your monitor? Or just not getting a bios screen. If it's your monitor, it could be your graphics card is not recognizing it. Little more info and I'm sure someone can help you out.
  2. You need the case (system) speaker - especially if your system is not working.

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    in which they also say, "Get a speaker."
  3. In my eagerness I did not read the manual closely and there is a second 8 pin eatx12v connector that I had not connected on the P6t. The manual even warns the system will not boot with out this connection!

    Thank you to the two posters. Particularly for the prudent advice to install a system speaker. Although it did not reveal the particular problem; it just reminded me the devil is in the details. This took me back to the manual to read each item completely.
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