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I'm planning to put 5 rads in this case ... inside rads will be 1 240 for the top and 1 240 for the front both will have with fans in pull and 3 on top
The top rads will be phobya g changers all connected together to act as one rad though not in a sandwich but with the spacing of 2 fans between each and they will be standing upright like fins ... The top rad mounted in the case will have fans in pull to take air from the case to go outside through the 3 rads ...
My pump is a regular mcp 655 with no speed changer and an alphacool h5 d5 top .. my cpu block is the block from an h90 unit with built in pump and my gpu block is a universal xspc rasa block I also have a swifty res in my loop
I know that 5 rads will be overkill for just 2 things to cool but I want silence ..
So my loop will look like pump - cpu block - 240 rad on top - y splitter - 3 rads on top - res - back to pump
- gpu block - 240 rad on front -

Is my pump enough for this loop ... I dont think I would have much pressure drop and flow restrictions but if I do I dont mind getting another pump

Thanks in advance
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  1. H90 block/pump and that? No.

    Y-splitter? No.

    Why so many rads like this? I don't understand your setup plans really only need the 2- 240 rads for a CPU and GPU loop...but there's no way I would use a modded LCS pump/block for any kind of loop like that.
  2. I kind of want to run my loop without fans actually ... maybe just one or 2 set in 5v each ... I know its kinda crazy though
  3. You'll want to run everything in serial, but definately want a different pump and CPU block. This is do-able, but not with an LCS pump.
  4. I see .. So what kind of pump would you advice for me to get instead?
  5. That really depends on your budget, tubing size you wish to use, expected delta-T...etc.
  6. Im not really into overclocking and such ... And my budget is adjustable ... Tubing size is preferably 1/2 " id and temps .. well i just dont want my cpu going higher than 30 and have my gpu stay at below 40 .. cpu is a 1090t stock and hd6850 also stock
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    Your temps really kind of depend ambient temps, fans used, flow rate, etc. You won't go below ambient temps, so this is ultimately the coolest your loop can possibly run...a 0-5C delta is pretty aggressive and will take more than you are going to run, mostly good fans.
  8. I see ... So it is doable but not advisable ... Thank you for your responses
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  10. You could do it, but I would definitely go the route of a better pump and CPU block. Radiators are the least restrictive component in a loop, but LCS pumps really don't have much power to begin with.

    Over-radding is popular for those wanting quiet systems, so don't let that stop you from running as many rads as you want...just make sure you have a decent pump to keep your flows up where you want. I'd advice not splitting anything parallel...keep everything serial...simple, less clutter, better flow.
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