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Hey guys, I am looking for a TV Tuner card I can use in my computer.

Things I Need:
PVR Capabilities
Digital Tuner
64Bit Windows 7 Media Center Compatible (So I can watch on my xbox)
Dual Tuners (Its not a big deal, but if the card has dual tuners thats a bonus)

Things I dont need:
HD, I dont have HD cable, so I dont need HD capabilities.

I have been browsing the internet and all I find is OLD forum posts from 2006 and 2007. Whats the deal with Digital signals? As far as I know all TV signals in canada (I believe the US as well) are digital, and ive read the digital signals are encrypted, so you cant use a card with digital cable.

Yet there are loads of digital cards, and a friend of mine records TV to his PC, and watched it on his xbox, he has the same cable provider as me, so I know its possible. (He is to much of a lazy prick to check his device manager and tell me what card he has though xD)

So anyways, what card would be good for my needs? I would only like to spend about $40-$60 on the card...
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  1. "I said he records tv and watched it" but he also can watch live tv... His card was in a bundle with his computer when he bought it a year or 2 ago... Apperently it was a high end card at the time.
  2. Any ideas?
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