Samsung blu-ray rom can't play blu-ray movies

im so excited when i bought samsung blu-ray optical drives,,,as my intention is to watch blu-ray movie..
but when i inserted the disc, the pc says : format not supported.. i try to play it using power dvd 9
strangely when i try to decrypt using anydvd hd,,,the movie can be play....

i have download the odd firware update..but it's still the same...

need some to fix this?
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  1. (1) Are all your components (GPU and Monitor) HDCP enabled?
    Cyberlink has a program that will verify your system compatability.

    AnyDVD circumvents the DRM encryption to allow Blu-ray to play on a non-enabled system.

    They also have a trial version that you can try.
    My self I use the Cyberling version on two desktops w/blu-ray writers and total theatre on my to laptops with bluray players.

    Links at to US versions, Not sure if a difference base on country ( DVD code region)
  2. yes sir, i know that cyberlink have db advisor.. i have try them..all my componen have been clarified by that software to be hdcp but little strange the blu-ray rom did not passed ......
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    Sounds like your Blu-ray player is the problem, Should NOT be. You may need to RMA the drive. If possible try the tech support website for samsung.

    Didn't mention where you got the drive from. If local, take it back and exchange. If from Internet, may want to contact them.
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