Phenom x2 vs athlon x4

which CPU is better as it is now.
a phenom dual core or an athlon quad core
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  1. It depends on what you're using it for; if you're a gamer, you would probably be better with a phenom II, but if you're into multitasking/future-proofing, you'd be better with the quad.
  2. I agree.
    For gaming P2 has an edge due to its 6MB L3 cache.
    That is missing in the Athlon.

    But for multitasking Athlon 2 is ideal...

    Go thru this article to know more...,2439.html
  3. athlon is better, more and more apps are being multithreaded, htat cache will be useless soon
  4. Thanks to you three,
    that helps a lot.
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