LGA775 Chipset Question?

I have an Intel E8400 - I'm looking to get a new board but I have no idea what all these different chipsets even mean? Can anyone enlighten me to what they their relevance is? I had a look through the other threads but this link is dead.

nForce Chipset

Thank Q.
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  1. I'll get into reading this material, thanks...
  2. You're Welcome :)
  3. Marvell, never ever.

    nForce would be competitive with Intel but consumes and heats a lot.

    G means integrated graphics: only if you don't play.

    The 48 is OLDER (slower process) than the 43 and 45 and won't overclock as well - I feel it important with an E8400.
    My P45 (+E8600) runs at Fsb=1600 and ram=1100 at stock voltages, nice.

    The 45 can split its Pci-E, the 43 can't, only difference. And some P45 mobo don't.

    BEWARE only some southbridge (=ICH) can access disks exceeding 2TB:
    ich9r, ich9do, ich10r, ichdo.
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