What should I use to sand/file material off my Hyper 212 +

My Hyper 212 + got here today, however when I put it inside my case (didn't attach it or put any thermal paste in, I just put it on top of the socket) I could get the side panel back on without forcing it, which I don't wanna do. I think the cooler is about 1/8 inch too tall [:huntluck]. Fortunately, it should be possible for me to sand some material off the tops of the tallest heatpipes and then have just enough room, though it will still be a tight fit. My question is, what tips do you guys have for this? As in, should I use a grinder to do this (keep in mind, the part I have to sand off is the top of the heatpipes, not where the heatsink comes into contact with the CPU, so it doesn't need to be at all smooth), or a metal file/heavy grit sandpaper. I've never had to do anything remotely like this before, so I don't wanna run the risk of bending/breaking the fins on the heatsink. Advice please :)
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  1. Do not do this! 1/8" is too much material to sand or grind off.

    Heat pipes are filled with a liquid which has a high coefficient of thermal conductivity. Gring off material may cause it to leak and destroy its integrity.

    Having said this, if you still want to remove material, then a small belt sander would be ok to use. Alternately, a bench grinder will also do the job.

    Instead, can you drill clearance holes in the side panel in spots where the heat pipes protrude? The holes can be dressed using grommets for a nice appearance.
  2. Well...this sucks. But, the design of the heat pipes on the Hyper 212 have the taller ones (the ones I need to modify) coming to almost a point. The pipes are very narrow at the top, and I would assume - or at least hope - that where I need to remove material is solid metal...otherwise, I guess I'm gonna be modifying my case a bit. Dang, when I measured I thought I had a good quarter inch between the top of the cooler and the case panel. Thanks Newegg for not providing accurate measurements >:(

    EDIT: Okay, so I took another look and set the cooler on top of the cpu socket (I have a cover over it that came with the motherboard since I have not yet gotten my processor), and I took a very close look through the holes on the panel for additional case fans (which I cannot ever put in since the cooler is so big), and to my surprise the cooler suddenly fit...but only just barely. The gap is so small - less than half a millimeter - between the heat pipes and panel, that if I put any pressure on the panel itself when I put it back on, the metal bends inward and touches the heat pipes. I can put the cooler in and close the panel without any modification, but when I do it I can only push directly on top of the tracks or the panel gets stuck from the friction of the cooler. Now THAT is what I call a tight fit! :P I really lucked out with with this [:henry chinaski:8]
  3. Looks like everything will work out right! Let us know how it all comes out in the wash!
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