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I am trying to stream movies from my NAS and router to my htpc, about 65 feet away (and through 3 walls). I have at&t uverse and it seems I have to use that bult in (2wire) router to send the movies to my htpc. The problem is that the connection I get is terrible. The wireless adapter card is a rosewill nx-300 n card (even though the router is g so it connects at g when it actually connects)

I went out and purchased a few high gain antennas and both work better but this is my concern. The interface card has 3 antenna on the back. I removed one and put the high gain antenna on. Am I only receiving/sending 1/3 of the signal with this antenna on it? If so, is there a 3 in 1 adapter I should/can use?
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  1. I think the three antennas do different things, don't try combining them. Frankly, you are exceeding the limits of wireless and should look for another solution.
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