HP Smart Array P400: How can I set up a logical drive on non-hp hardware

Hi guys,

Being used to having a BIOS on a RAID controller where I can setup the RAID and create logical drives, it seems I ran into a problem when installing a HP Smart Array P400 controller (ebay bought) into a non-HP server (will be a testing VMware ESXi server). The controller shows up during POST and initializes alright, but I find no possibility to enter its BIOS and DO something with it.

Am I thinking completely wrong? Sorry if that is a really silly question, but it's highly irritating for me... is there something like a boot CD or something where I can start the configuration from?

Thanks for any help, and please forgive my silly asking.

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  1. Helped myself now by installing Windows 2008R2 Server on another SATA HDD, Setup the array from there... and now just got the problem that VMware ESXi 4.1 Update 1 doesn't see it. We'll see how this goe on.
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