Raid on GA-P35-DS3P failed

I was running Raid 5 on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P motherboard with 4 x 500 GB Seagate HDD and a seperate non-raid drive for the OS. All was working well with Vista and when I upgraded to WIN7 it was still functioning as it should.

2 days ago, after turning the computer on, windows would not boot. It starts booting but after a short while, it flashes a BSOD and re-starts the computer. The BSOD is flashed too fast to see what it says. This happens endlessly until the computer is turned off.

If I disable Raid in the BIOS, windows loads normally and the computer functions without any problems. The moment I turn Raid on in the bios, it stops functioning. No hardware changes were made that could have caused this. The computer runs on a UPS so power spikes could be excluded as a possible cause.

Any help would be highly appreciated as I desperately needs to access the data on the raid drives.
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  1. You either have a loose cable on one of the raid drives, a bad hardrive, or bad raid controller on your board. Do some basic troubleshooting. Try each drive separately without raid and see if both work. Can't tell you how to save your files; if the raid array is bad, you may have to start over. I don't use raid for this very reason. If you can't get the raid working, set one drive as master and the other as slave, or disconnect one and save it as a backup. The last option is to find the same motherboard on ebay. It must be exactly the same model if you want to try to save your raid setup. If you find one, you may be able to load the raid software in windows safe mode and reboot to see if the raid array is saved.
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