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So I just built a New Computer, i7 2600k, 8gb ram, msi r6850 cyclone, etc. However, I was looking to raid the drive that the os would reside, so i bought (2) 64gb Micro center SSD that are SATA 2 (the SATA 3 are too expensive still. Then I have a 2 TB drive for progams and media to be installed on. After the install of windows 7 and updates and drivers etc on the 111 GB raid 0 SSDs I have only slightly above 80GB left, is this going to be enough for the future comming years or should i bite the bullet and either buy veloceraptors to keep cost down or send the extra cash for two 120GB SSDs which will be about 450-500$ not money that i would like to put on just storage. Thanks for your help.
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  1. Win7 requires 20 GBs of space. Yes, your 2 SSDs will be plenty for future Win7 upgrades, System Restore, etc. - plus you will have room left for often used programs. And you are going to install programs and media on the 2 TB HDD anyway.

    I have Win7, MS Office, Photoshop, Autocad, COD, Flight Simulator, and some utility programs installed on my C: drive and the they occupy 130 GBs now.

    Data files, photos, music, etc., are on two 1TB HDDs in RAID1 (total capacity 1 TB, not 2 TB). In addition, I have a complete backup on an external 1 TB drive. I strongly recommend an external backup (RAID1 in my case, is not a substitute for backup).
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