Intel DX58SO mobo - memory slot question

I'm in the market for a new gaming rig (or will be come March) and just had a few general questions about motherboards and memory.

I'm speaking of the Intel i7 family:

Some retail gaming rig makers have 12GB DDR3 RAM (2 GB x 6) coming with a system. Now, typically, are all slots triple channel (six of them?), or are there any single channel slots?

One mobo I saw, the Intel DX58SO, had only 3 triple channels slots (and 1 single channel slot), whereas the ASUS (P6T family) had, I think, six. Any reason the DX58SO doesn't have six? Price? Design flaw? Older model?

The other question is why would they put a single channel slot and not just keep them all triple channel? I'm sure there's some technical reason behind that decision. But it eludes me :)

Thank for any advice on this subject!

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    Some say it's a bad design. This board will work with 3 or 4 sticks of ram; with 4 it's running in dual instead of tripple channel mode, but you won't notice the speed difference. I suggest you get an msi board with 6 ram slots; I've never had a memory issue with msi boards. Asus can be picky about memory.
  2. I'm surprised that Asus is finicky with memory as I usually hear that Asus puts out a quality mobo.
  3. I've seen more posts about asus boards and memory problems than any other brand. Asus makes good products, but choose your ram carefully.
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