I need a fast $600 system build....help?

Question: Can you build me a fast computer for around $600ish?

Uses from most to least important: Multitasking---- Recording and producing Music, gaming, audio, internet, student applications (microsoft word etc...)

Preferences: I am interested in doing crossfire, not sli. Don't really care what brand...amd or intel. Whatever will work the best. I need firewire on my motherboard. I will use either XP or vista 32 bit. Most likely vista.

I would like quad core if thats possible...but that might be unrealistic for this budget.

To be more specific in my recording epuipment, i have an M-Audio profire 610 audio interface (sound card) and i will be using Sonar 6...eventually i will get Sonar 8. And i have studio monitors...so i got those parts covered :)

I want it to be as fast as possible!!!! thank you in advance :)
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  1. Why do you have preference on crossfire/sli??? they simply are the same set up but with different brands of video cards?

    With regards to a budget build the Phenom 550b or 720be maybe a good idea for cpu.

    I am in the UK but believe that new egg have some good combo deals at the moment might be worth checking out.
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