Mounting a h100 into a hafx

Does anyone know how i can do this? I was thinking of putting it in the top or the top slot, its a relativity thin rad. Please help.
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  1. I have the HAF X and have looked up the dimensions of the H100. You should be able to mount the H100 to the top inside mounts of the case.

    Cooler Master customer service has also said the H100 will work in the HAF X case. I just chatted with them tonight.

    Good Luck!
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  3. i wanted the H100, but i also wanted dual push/pull set up. thats 50mm plus the 30mm or so that the radiator is. just make sue you'll have 80mm or so of clearance from the top of case to your mobo.

    of course, you dont need dual push pull, but if you have any push pull set up, you'll need that much space.
  4. The tops of most of the HAF cases are designed to handle a 2x120mm radiator, so intuitively I would expect the H100 to fit, since it essentially is a standard 2x120 rad.
  5. ^Agreed. My only concern is clearance once you run push/pull fans...this I am unsure of on motherboard clearance.
  6. that is what i meant with all those numbers i tossed out. a push pull config makes it 80-85mm thick.. not too many boxes have that much clearance.
  7. I know, I meant to add to your concern with what I posted...sorry for the confusion.
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    well... the HAF X does have one 200mm top mounted fan and room for a second. So although this is a perfect push/pull arrangement, it may act like one in a not so efficient way.

    But, looking at my HAF X, I think that there is enough clearance for a real push/pull arrangement. Depending on the mobo it may be close and may hang down past it, but there should be clearance to the side (watch out if your mobo has high heat sinks). At best I think it would be a tight fit but doable.

    I think I saw a video on it also. Will try to find it and post here.

    Inside mounted push/pull

    And a little different 2 push from inside and 2 pull from the outside the case
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  10. Newegg reviews and HAF X You tube videos also specifically say the bolt size you will need times 4 pieces to mount to the cross braces of the case top below the fan.

    How was your installation of the H100? What kind of temperature are you getting with it?

    Any issues with shipping damage or factory defect?
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