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Hi everyone, I have this memory: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231209, and this mobo: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138143. This is my first pc, and while running cpuz i noticed the RAM was running as cas5 when it should be at cas4. I looked into the bios and it is not very intuitive.... basically I have absolutely no clue what I am doing, and I have never done this before. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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  1. If your system is stable, and running at the correct ram speed, leave it alone. Cpuid will id the motherboard, cpu, and ram. The ram speed will be listed as half what the actual speed is, which is normal. The difference between cas 4 and cas 5 speed is minimal.
  2. Thats the whole problem, I was kind of interested in learning how to OC this RAM, and the frequency OC'ing is pretty simple, however I have a phenom II 940 which is am2+ so it can only handle 800mhz ram. I was kind of hoping I could try to OC it to like cas3 or something with some additional voltage, just aside from the tcl, tcrd, trp, and tras im seeing additional stuff.
  3. Who told you that? A Phenom II 940's default memory speed with 2 sticks of ram is 1066mhz. If it is running at 800mhz you have one or more of the following.
    You bought only 800mhz memory.
    You are running 4 sticks (then it will only run at 800mhz)
    You have 2 sticks of 1066mhz memory, but you do not have them paired in the banks correctly.
    If you have 2 sticks of 1066 memory paired in the right two memory slots, your Phenom II will run it at 1066, by default.
  4. Huh. Well that is interesting, could I run them like that in dual channel? Thanks for answering
  5. This is another interesting thing. You are talking about "ganged" or "unganged".
    Phenom memory controllers work differently than previous processors. You want to run your Phenom "unganged". In "ganged" mode you can only get 800mhz speed.
    In "unganged"mode you get 1066.
    Your Phenom II is faster in unganged mode because it has 2 memory controllers.
    If you run ganged mode, 1 controller must wait on the other to finish. If you run unganged, each controller runs a stick of memory, and they can work independently of each other, resulting in faster memory performance than if you gang them together in what we think of as "dual channel". But calling this dual and single channel is not quite accurate when talking about Phenom II's.
    Unganged is the default mode.
  6. so does this mean I do NOT want to run it in dual channel? Thats pretty interesting, I will give that a shot I guess. Which slots should I fill? 1 and 3?
  7. Hi again, just posting this as I changed my ram to unganged, there is a noticeable performence increase across the board, now going back to the original question: How do I change the timings?
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