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i have a xp2500 on my sytem and bought a used xp3000 to see if id gain any performance, the cpu was good i saw it work on another board, in mine i get nothing, no video, no normal start up noises, nothing at all other than my fans running, my jumpers are set at 166 already, i cleared cmos and still nothing
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    Try checking your manual; this cpu may not work with your board. There are so many socket a boards that are limited on which type of cpus they will run. Palimino, thoroughbred, etc. it goes on and on for different cores. Pricewatch had some fic socket a boards for $17 shipped recently; see if those venders have any left. They have the nforce2 chipset, which will run the xp3000.
  2. its pretty non specific as far as sizes of cpu, mentions the same thing you see on the top of this link below, says athlon xp and thats what mine and the new one say they are, just updated bios to latest version and still nothing, the guy i bought it from says my 300w power supply may not be enough, i dont see anything anywhere that says i would need more to run the 3000 from the 2500 though
  3. i did see the one i bought says its a barton core, not sure if that means anything, dont know what mine is, they both say athlon xp....
  4. My first post is still correct. You have a via chipset board. Nforce2 is much better; worth a $17 investment if you can order one.
  5. before i spend anymore time or money on this system, just for curiousity, would i notice any performance difference going from the 2500 to the 3000? im just wondering if i should try and sell the cpu i bought and just save up for a new mobo and some kind of dual core cpu at 2.4g or so...
  6. Sure. If you've got the money, try selling off your old stuff on craigslist first, and see if you get any decent offers. The xp3000 might be worth $50, the barton $40 and the board $30. Or check ebay for price estimates. Right now frys electronics (in stores only) has the amd regor 245 dual core with msi 6150se board for $49.99 after $10 rebate; 2 gigs of pc6400 is $42.99. These prices are good until Thursday Jan 14th. I use this particular MSI board, and it works great.
  7. that sounds good, the only problem is i just spent some money on this one, more memory, have 2 one gig sticks, and new vid card, one of the best i could get for agp slot and new my power supply would work, so im in that state of mind whether or not to just stick with what i got for a while and get my $$ worth, thats why i was tyring to get the 3000 to work i figured id be good for a year or 2 until i had money of another system, then not feel as bad for lying this one down, might have wasted that money if i go new now
  8. Then I would sell the 3000 if you're not willing to change boards.
  9. i guess the only way i would is if i found one that i know for sure the 3000 will work, and it will take my same memory and old style pwsupply, have the agp for my vid card, and some pci slots for my sound card and 1394 card, unless it has both of those built in already, i have 4 usb but a external hub with 4 more so 6 on board would be great, and it has to have the same ribbon connector for my hard drive, so all that if compatable and not too much money since i assume it will be used, i might consider it, ive never changed a board myself so im not sure how much is envolved, i think i might not have too much issue, do you think its worth looking and say i find one for 30 or less go ahead and do it? will my pc be noticably different(faster) with the 3000 from the 2500 i have now? assuming the rest of my stuff works good
  10. No. The 3000 isn't much faster. I found an hp sempron system for only $164 with discount codes the other day; came with keyboard, mouse, 2 gigs of ddr2 and windows 7 installed. Brand new from the hp website. Keep an eye out for something like this. Then all you'll need is to save for a pci-e video card. This system came with a sempron 1300LE, which runs at around 2400, the minimum for newer games. I don't recommend building your own if money is tight. It's sometimes cheaper to buy hp or dell. But when you're ready to sell off your old stuff, you can practice changing out a motherboard. You draw a diagram of the connections as you take it apart. Place the bare board on a non conductive surface, and see if you can assemble everything and get it to post again.
  11. thanks, im guessing for now i will just try and sell the 3000 then...stick with what i have, its good, just thought it would be a little better with the other cpu...
  12. just for curiosity i was reading more stuff about my mobo, i found some people saying they are using a semperon 3000+ on theirs with no issues, but they say its only 2.0g speed so not much improvment, one guy said he did a swap from my same cpu and he thought it ran smoother and cooler, im wondering if i should try the semperon instead of the athlon...or just leave well enough alone and be happy with whay i have:)....i did notice mine is brown and the new one was green, not sure if that means anything
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