Possible for xbox 360 to get internet through a MOBO?

My motherboard has a wireless card so it won't be needing the ethernet port at the back. If i connect a xbox 360 to the motherboards ethernet will it be able to get xbox live?
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  1. If you use a crossover network cable and setup Internet Connection Sharing on the computer.
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    Connect the xbox to the mobo with a crossover cable, set the mobo LAN to DHCP, bridge the wireles and wired together and the xbox will recieve dhcp from that comptuer. But if you use a wireless card you must have a wireless router. Does the router have an RJ45 port? If so just plug a straight through cale into xbox and the router and away you go. But I don't know that much about xbox's and the such.
  3. ok thanks guys. The reason I want to do this is because my xbox is set up in a different room, near my other computer.
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