Setting up Bios (timings etc) P6T Deluxe v2

Newbie here, dealing with an unstable Windows 7 rig. I've been told I need to get my bios off Auto and manually set timings etc. Can any of you experts walk me thru it with timings included? Much thanks in advance! Core i7 Asus P6T deluxe V2 OCZ Platinum DDR3-1600 12GB (6x2)CL7 (What does CL7 mean anyway?) Lash
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  1. You do not need to adjust the timings. But you can check the ram label and see what voltage is recommended. You can also try setting the ram fsb to 1600, if needed.
  2. I had heard that in "auto" the Asus sent too much voltage to the CPU, no?
    I'm just trying to get this thing stabilized.

    I'll give what you suggested a shot o1die, thank you.
  3. Auto timings are designed to work "on every box". If you're not stable at 'stock" settings" something is wrong with your build or your windows install.

    CAS 7 means it waits less time between doing things than it would at CAS 8 and more time than at CAS6

    12 GB is an extraordinary amount of memory for a windows based system unless you are doing 3 D modeling or something real demanding. FWIW, I haven't had a MoBo BIOS correctly pick up my RAM's timings in at least 4 years.


    1. Put in just 3 modules, look in mobo manual for correct slots to use.
    2. Set BIOS to all defaults
    3. Set memory CAS timings to what "it says on da box"....i.e. 7-7-7-20 or whatever is on the label.
    4. Save BIOS settings.
    5. Run memtest+ 4.0 ( at stock settings [BCLK = Auto / Mem Multiplier = 8 / BCLK = Auto (133)]
    6. Set CPU mutliplier to 12, set mem multiplier to 10 (1600), set BCLK to 160 (this will test RAM at 1600 and insure CPU don't mess w/ test)
    7. Save BIOS settings
    8. Run memtest+ again.
    9. Swap memory modules and repeat steps 5-9 (check that you still have correct timings)
    10. Stick in all 12 GB, repeat steps 5-9

    If you pass this, you have eliminated memory as the issue. Gonna take a few days as each memtest should run 8 -12 hours.

    Contact RMm manufacturer for advice while you are waiting.

    Voltage is to be "played with" only once you have stable system. You can drop Vcore bit by bit until system becomes unstable. I got down to about 1.05 volts but as it offered no temp reduction, I stayed with 1.125
  4. also make sure that you manually set the Ram voltage to 1.64...(cant get it to 1.65 in the p6t bios) and set the qpi voltage to 1.35 ....if you leave it on auto it will set it at like 1.8 volts and that could be bad for the memory controller in your cpu.
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