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What is the best back-up set up. I'm going to be building my new tower. I want the best possible back-up solution. I've looked into getting two 500gb Caviar Black 6gb/s HD and having 1 for main and another for back-up using the simple windows back up software. I am just curious if there are better ways out there. Also, I am curious When I am backing up my system. Is it recommended to let the system back-up or can I still be playing my games while its transferring or copying the files to another drive? :hello:
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  1. There is no such thing as a best possible backup solution on one machine. Because regardless of your configuration and the number of drives you have on that machine it's still a single point of failure.

    Is it specific data or is it your operating system & configuration? We'll be able to give you better backup advice if you're more specific about what you are trying to protect.

    You seem to want some solution to copy from your main drive to another. This can be a bit of pain. What you may want to consider is using RAID 1 instead. Wikipedia will explain it in more detail but the basics is that you have two hard drives with identical data on them. In effect the drives mirror each other. It appears as a single disk but both disks are being written to.

    So if one of your hard drive dies you've got a perfect copy. If this was to happen you can just add another disk and you can rebuild the RAID 1 array and you are back to using two disks to protect your OS, Applications and Data.
  2. besides your main hdd have one large hdd in your computer for back-up and also have another one for external backup, every week or every night before you go to bed immage them...this set up have never failed me :)
  3. I've been thinking about Raid1. Also, I probably should follow the doing an image each night. So it is suggested to back-up in two places for better chances not 100% guarantee but what is. All I want to ensure is my game data and such is backed up mainly. like software that can auto sync folder but is easy as right click selecting sync folder to drive and so on. That would be an awesome solution as well as doing the image back-up each night. I could image my main system and apps and just Sync my game folders (unless they require installation, then I'd probably image them too). So, that sound safe?
  4. So you could do all or some of the following:

    - RAID1 your main drive
    - Internal drive backup
    - External drive backup

    You may also want to consider picking up a Dropbox account if you are just backing up your saved game data. This way your data is away on an external server too.

    One very important thing to consider with these backups is how to recover from a failure. It's all very well backing up this that and the next thing in a variety of places and in a variety of ways but if you don't know how to get your system back to the state that you want it then it's all a bit useless!
  5. I do. I've ran into it several times something would happen I'd have to redo windows all over. Re-download/reinstall everything. Now I always make a image right after my top apps and all the windows updates.
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