Will this PSU run an HD 4770

My PSU is a 350W
with 9a on the 12A rail
will i be able to use an HD 4770?
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  1. You didn't say what other hardware is also getting power from the 350W PSU.
    It's well below the 450W PSU recommended by Sapphire for it's 4770 cards.
    Even more of a concern is the 9A +12V rail. Most 'average' 350 PSUs will have 19A or better +12V rating.
    I've seen $10 budget 250W PSUs with more than 9A.

    If that 9A is accurate and you're powering a normal PC set up I'd say you probably can't run the 4770.
  2. Here is the data panel off a $10 PSU. It's claiming 29A of +12V (348 divided by 12)
  3. The official ATI recommendation for a pc system with one ATI Radeon HD 4770 video card is 450 watts. That's 50 watts less than what I usually recommend because it is an energy efficient card.
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