What ram for asus p6t se

hey all, i am putting together a budget build, with an asus p6t se, and an i7 920, my question being, what ram should i get for it, was hoping not to spend more than about £80 to £90, for 4gb, saw some ocz obsidian for about £80, would this be ok as it is 1.65v, which i think is ok, what are your thoughts?

this is that ocz obsidian:

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  1. The ASUS P6T SE works best with tripple channel memory (three sticks of RAM). The kit you linked to was dual channel (two sticks of RAM). Look for kits with 3X2GB of RAM with speeds of either 1333 or 1600 MHz, timings of CAS 8 or lower, and voltages less than 1.65V. Good luck.
  2. DDR3-1600 in a 3 x 2GB kit will cost ya $246 for CAS6
    DDR3-1600 in a 3 x 2GB kit will cost ya $189 for CAS7
    DDR3-1600 in a 3 x 2GB kit will cost ya $129 for CAS8
    DDR3-1600 in a 3 x 2GB kit will cost ya $129 for CAS9
  3. hey, as im a bit strapped for cash, can i get 4gb, then put another 2 in another time? thanks
  4. Two sticks may work but is not advised. If you are strapped for cash, you might consider a i750 / P55 build because it uses dual channel memory, uses less expensive motherboards, is cheaper than the i920, and uses less power so you may be able to get by with a less expensive power supply. You could save about $150 with i750 build over a i920 build. For most applications including gaming, the i750 build will actually perform the as well as the i920 build:
  5. hey, hmmmm, i've already bought the mobo and cpu, its on its way now from ebuyer, can you recommend any cheapish tripple channel, not fussed if it is 1333mhz, hopefully no more than about £100 - £110

  6. Just buy the triple channel (3 x 2 GB) kit of the Ocz memory you listed above (or something equivalent), and it will work. Good luck.
  7. hey, thanks for all the replys, and im sorry for being a total noob at all this :p ( cant believe i just used the word noob :s)

    i know this probably isnt the best ram, but will this do for the time being:


    as it is tripple channel, cl7, 1.6v, and 1600mhz

    thanks everyone
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