Weird Color Patches

I don't know what the problem is.
It would be nice if someone can locate this for me:
If it's either my Graphics card, camera settings, Monitor, or OS.
It would also be nice if someone could solve this problem for me >__>
But for a while now, I've noticed that when i view photos on Vista/Win7 that the colors will be EXTREMELY messed up, by this i mean the details of the colors will be ignored but instead be replaced with a common color.
i.e. a rock in the shadows will be gray.
The colors aren't very natural, more dusty and grainy.
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  1. What card is it?
    If its old it could just be on its last limb.
  2. it's a Diamond MM 4870 HD
    I think it has to do more with the calibration, but even so, i can't calibrate it >__<
    Do you buy any chance know any good programs that calibrates the brightness/gamma/contrast/color for you?
  3. It could be your monitor. You don't mention what monitor you have, but for the sake of argument, I will assume that you have an LCD monitor. Most newer cheap monitors use TN displays. This type of display can only display 6 bit color or 262144 unique colors. Now most of these monitors use tricks like color dithering to increase their color palette, but it's not particularly accurate. The more expensive PVA or IPS panels have much more accurate color reproduction as they use true 8 bit color or 16M colors. Of course you can't beat the old faithful CRT when it comes to color reproduction in my opinion.

    Also another thing it could be is that the pictures you are using are highly compressed JPEG files. If the file size is relatively small, it could be that it's overly compressed and some of the color information is lost in the compression.
  4. I have an HP w2207h which i got last year.

    Maybe my images are compressed, but the images are all around 2.7mb's
  5. What about images off the 'net, are they OK?
  6. Images off the net are okay
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    If the system is displaying 'net images well, then it's probably just a setting that needs to be changed.
    Check the camers is producing 32 bit images and that it is exporting them as 32 bit rather than 16 or even 8 bit. Also check any viewing software is displaying the full 32 bit image.
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