Vertex 2 Raid 0 or Corsair Force Raid 0

I have finally decided to upgrade my 3 74gb raptors in raid 0 for a SSD raid. I have my choice narrowed down to either Vertex 2 or corsair force series. From what I can tell from specs both drives offer 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write and both list at 50k IOPs. Im either going to do 2 Corsair F90's or 2 Vertex 2 90GB drives. Anyone have any opinions on which setup I should go with. There both pretty much the same price the corsair are $179(CAN) each and the vertex 2 are $175(CAN) each. Thanks for any advice or suggestions you may have.

And my current system specs:
I7 860 @3.6ghz
8GB 1600Mhz ddr ram
OS Drive 3x 74GB raptors RAID 0
Backup drive 320GB Seagate
Sapphire 5870 Toxic
Maximus III Formula motherboard
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  1. Doesnt these two drives both use the SandForce controller?

    Then the discs are pretty like!
  2. Yes they both use sandforce but Ive heard one uses sandforce 1200 and the other uses 1222 sandforce and im not sure which uses which and what the difference is
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    I would go with the OCZ Vertex 2. They are the more reliable drivers and Corsair seems to be having an issue:
  4. thanks
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  6. The force's may still be using 34nm nand so they would be faster but Tecmo is right about bugs, and from a compatibility standpoint.. V2 has newer firmware fixes.

    Be sure you have the newest 1.32 version before using sleeps though. In fact with a PC, I would just stay away from sleep transitions altogether as that will avoid any of the little Sandforce bugs for the few systems that still suffer from it.
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