New to watercooling, looking to install in future

I might be way too early to be asking this, but I'l do it anyway.

I'm planning on updating my PC after I'm done with my army training (which will be in about a year [~2012 q3?], I still havent started). I think the new CPUs and GPUs will be in the market by then, and I'm willing to spend an extra penny to get the best counterpart for my money.

Anyway, I'm running Phenom II x4 965 BE, Asus HD5850 DirectCU II, 8gb 1333MHz R.A.M system right now.
What I will be aiming for when the time comes: AMD's Bulldozer CPU, Radeon 6870 equivalent or Nvidias next gen 570 equivalent (if APU's built in GPU supports running both GPU's) GPU and fitting mobo for them.

Anyway thats not what I'm asking, but what I need to know is how much should I spend on proper liquid cooling? I want as low noise levels as possibled as minimal maintenance as possible while being on the safe side even if I did small overclocking. No need to name parts because they will obviously be either outdated or incompatible with the new machinery, I just want rough estimates so I can start saving money.

Also which manufacturers are reliable in this part of the industry?
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    From here to the time that you build the WC rig the components will be a little different with different prices. What are you looking for? easy installation plus cheap price? Or take the full trip, buy the components one per one and install it yourself.

    If your case is the latest one, I suggest you EK Waterblocks for CPU and GPU blocks, Swiftech for pumps, Bitspower for fittings or barbs, PrimoChill for tubing. For radiators exist many options, the price/performance is Swiftech, but some others like XSPC, PrimoChill and Black Ice all those ones with different features but similar performance in average.

    Exist another option, the 1st option, that are the WC Kits like the H50/H70/H80/H100 the latest one has been very good with only few weeks in the market, something better in the kits market are the XSPC Rasa kits specially the RX360 kit.

    Those are the general things that you need keep in mind for build your WC rig, in both cases, build yourself or WC kits I recommend you use distiller water and some Silverkill coils for the reservoir.
  2. I would prefer the easy installation if possible, but I can do the second option aswell with some guides and with set amount of parts, I dont exactly know what is needed for it.

    Read that sticky you should have a better idea when your done.
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