XP pro Freezes all the time!?!?

I installed it yesterday and it's froze on me at least 11 times. Just updated my BIOS, none of my hardware is having problems....? Should I download and install new drivers for everything? (If there's an XP driver out yet, that is...) Or would the drivers on the XP CD be the most up to date?
Very frustrating.

Any advice?
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  1. LOL, i took it off of my system in a day of use, it's a piece of **** (very frustrating) thing. Went back to Win2k, very satisfying thing.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. i did have some trouble with my video driver on xp. i was using 12.81 nvidia reference. once i downloaded the 21 series xp drivers from nvidia havent any problems. try updating your drivers before you bail on ol winxp. its actually a pretty impressive OS.

    ignore everything i say
  3. >> its actually a pretty impressive OS.

    what is it so "impressive" in it???

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  4. The user probably,obviously he knows how to use his computer :)))))) if you can't get it to work maybe you should upgrade from the 486 your using lol
  5. check and see how ur IRQ's are laid out. probably just a hardware conflict in the system with one or two cards.
    Did you do a clean install?
    When does it lock up? At 11 times is it the samething? or is it random?
    Those lockups I had at first with 2000, was due to the network card being on the same IRQ as the video card.
  6. It was a clean install. NTFS convertion.
    The freezes are all at random times. A few where when the computer had no apps open and wasn't doing anything... I had gotten up and when I returned... ice cold.
    I do have a nic card installed that's not doing anything at the moment, I'll try removing it. :)
  7. My PC freeze also. It's a P3-667 with duel boot: win98/win2k. System freeze on win98; blue screen with "hardware mulfunction" error on win2k. How do I find the IRQ?
  8. Do you have any "unsupported" hardware? I have an Echo MIA sound card (beta W2k/XP drivers) and a hardware modded Ultra66 to Fastrack66 IDE RAID card. XP seemed great until I tried to search "all files". Locked every time. I'm back on W2K. All my hardware works and I can search for files!!!
  9. you should go and get all new manufactures drives for the hardware. windows drivers are a generic version.
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