Interpret the Smart LED?

Can anyone point me to a link that may explain the messages conveyed by the Foxconn Smart LED. A very cool little thing but I don't see where I find how to make use of it..
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  1. Google is your friend.

    Do you have a Foxconn mobo? Have you read the manual?

    Have you bothered to visit the Foxconn forums and support websites?
  2. X38A - Foxconn
    Manual has nothing about post codes.
    Google was not my friend on this - search shows nothing on understanding post codes flashed by Smart LED.
    So, anything to offer?
  3. Determine what/who makes and version of the BIOS for that mobo then take a visit over to

    I'm pretty sure the X38A has an American Megatrends (AMI) BIOS but can only guess at which version.

    The Foxconn Smart LED only displays the BIOS POST codes as opposed to the way it was back in the day when you had to purchase a separate pci slotted diagnostic POST code reader to determine the POST and error codes of a particular mobo.
  4. Thanks!
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