P35 Express to another socket 775 ..upgrade?

Best socket 775 Intel (Intel only because I use an ATI graphics card) mainboard chipset?

SLI not required. Not doing it.
DDR2 only. Required.
Onboard sound not required. Can be the worst onboard audio.
Onboard video with HDMI out a Huge Plus. Not required.
At least RAID 0/1. Required.
More overclock ability the better...

Just looking to step up my platform a bit not at all interested in buying a new processor and RAM right now. I'm not interested.

Currently my mainboard is the P35 Express. Abit IP35 Pro. Nice mainboard but wondering if I can get PCIe 2.0 etc. etc. for about $150.00 or less (even less than less) but nothing more than that.

I know I can buy some slow DDR3 and an i3 Intel for the $150 (maybe) but like I said -- not interested in making that move and wasting cash on sub-par equipment to save money. When the next generation comes out and the speedy and overclocking DDR3 is nearly cheap then I'll jump on it.

Oh, and I shop at other places besides newegg. They have a great shop search engine and customer experience database but they are rarely the cheapest anymore. They do have eggtastic customer service or whatever though, haha :kaola:

Thanks ya' :bounce:
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  1. I suppose P45 is pretty much it or a G45 if I can find one that overclocks well. I'm not at all sure what the differences are between the P35 and the P45 though. Isn't 2.0 PCIe lanes it?

    I like getting mainboards with IGP because the board can go into an HTPC for another room when I upgrade the system.

    Any G45 mainboard recommendations then? P45 would be alright if it's fairly cheap.
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