Is vid ok?

i have a 2500k overclocked to 4.5 ghz----under load cpu-z says vid is 1.3611 ....temp are low 50's under load low 20's idle-----some say in this forum that you dont go over 1.35 to keep it safe while others seem to day below 1.4 is safe - is that 1.36 ok?
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  1. oops.... coretemp reports that vid....hope i didnt cause confusion
  2. well i found my own answer in coretemp help faq's..........

    VID is not the same as VCore. VCore is the actual voltage the processor is being fed by the motherboard.
    VID is the recommended voltage the processor should be running at at the current power state, this is a predetermined value, programmed by the CPU manufacturer. When the processor settings, especially the VCore is kept at default settings, Core Temp will provide a good approximation of the real VCore, but if you change the setting using the BIOS or by other means, Core Temp's VID readings should be ignored.
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