How is This new system?

Hello everybody!

How do you think about this system?
Will These be match together?

The system will be used for CG(amateur), Gaming, watch movie and so on.

CPU: Intel Core i7 920
MB: Asus P6T Deluxe V2
VGA: Nvidia 275(temporary, when Direct X 11 comes The card will be changed)
Ram: Corsair 6GB(3 X 2GB) DDR3 2000Mhz 8-8-8-24
Power: Green 1030

Thank you! :)
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  1. get a corsair, antec or PCP&C PSU, and you'll only need 750w.
  2. I would recommend either an Antec 902 or Cooler Master HAF922 for cases.

    ^+1 helloworld_98 on the PSU recommendations.

    I don't think you really need 2000MHz RAM. You will be better suited with OCZ Platinum 1600 MHz and for the price difference you can upgrade to 12GB, which will help with your CG work.
  3. thanks, The VGA will be changed after 1 year( when DirectX 11 comes)

    Maybe SLI, so dont i need more than 750 W for PSU?
    Why dont i need 2000Mhz for ram?
    would you please explain me more about it?

    Thanks alot guys! :)
  4. High speed RAM is very overrated. The performance increase you'd see is marginal, and is often compensated by lower timings in lower-clocked RAM (lower timings = lower latency in RAM = faster RAM).

    Take a look at this:,2128-9.html

    What Tecmo34 is saying is that 1600mhz is plenty fast for your needs, and the money saved could be spent to increase the performance of your machine more than a few hundred mhz could.

    If you plan to SLI, you'd be fine with this PSU:

    Although the 750w version (by Corsair or PCP&C) should be enough for the GTX 275 SLI. I *know* that it's enough for a 4890 SLI, and I think the 4890 consumes more or less the same amount as the 275s...
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