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I have a customed built PC at my home that I have recently formatted and clean-installed windows XP Pro SP3 on. And by custom built I don't mean that I built it personally. A local computer company built this computer and I bought it. Everything is working fine except that my ethernet connect isn't working. Since I have no idea about the hardware inside, I dont know what driver I would need to fix this problem. Can anyone please help me? I will provide a link to a CPUZ report file. PS I think the device shows up as Other PCI Bridge Device on the device manager.
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    Here is the link to the CPUZ report file.
  2. with the computer ON
    unplug power to the modem wait 15 seconds
    plug the power back in to the modem, and wait about 2 minutes...
    restart the computer.
    now the IP should be recognized

    If failure prevails...
    Go to the computer manufacturers website
    download the free Ethernet drivers for your model
    after installing, repeat above modem reset
  3. Well that's what is making everything so difficult. The manufacturer's website doesn't have any available downloads becuase they expect us to come into their store and pay them to fix this suppose to be easy problem. And the modem reset didn't work. And I forgot to mention that my PC is connected to a router through an ethernet cable, not the modem.
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