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Finalizing first build, please evaluate (~700 budget)

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July 18, 2009 9:29:28 PM
Here are the parts I've chosen (sorry its a pic, but i'm using combo deals so i couldn't put it in a wishlist). I'd just like to be sure that all the parts are compatible with each other. Will the graphic's card large size be a problem?
I'm planning on using windows 7 rc until the final version is released, will these parts all work with it?

Here are the links to the parts
Power Supply and Mobo:

I don't plan on overclocking or anything like that which is why I didn't go with a BE cpu.
Thanks in advance.

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July 18, 2009 9:30:24 PM

Oh, and the budget includes a monitor.
July 18, 2009 9:39:26 PM

What are you using it for? Can you put it in this format so we know exactly what we need to get you

because if you arent harvesting any parts from another build you are missing a few key bits. Also that 705e costs more than the 720 because its meant to be a low power CPU, for $41 more you can get a better board and a faster CPU
But if you really want to save money get the 710 instead of the 705e and the price difference is more than that combo saves you.
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July 18, 2009 9:46:19 PM

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the next few days
BUDGET RANGE: about 700usd

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, regular use (web, office, etc.)



July 18, 2009 9:48:59 PM

Yea, I'm trying to cut costs where possible. So the 705e doesn't offer any benefits over the 710 in terms of performance? When I put the build together yesterday, the 705e was a bit cheaper than the 710 after combo savings which is what made me choose it.

What exactly am I missing?
July 18, 2009 9:54:46 PM

Oh and the parts I don't need are: keyboard, mouse, monitor(already picked out one).
July 18, 2009 9:55:08 PM

A hard drive, and a DVD drive, DVD drives all cost ~$25 so thats easy to budget in, hard drives however vary. So there are no parts that you can salvage from another build?

The only benefit of the 705e over the 710 is it fits into a lower thermal envelope and gives better performance per watt of power but because of its lower clock speed it just provides lower performance if you arent super energy conscious its not what you want.
July 19, 2009 9:01:54 PM <-pic of my newegg shopping cart

Ok made a couple of modifications. I went with the 710 as suggested. Changed to a different brand for the gpu and ram. Can you guys just check if all the parts are compatible with each other, I'm prolly gonna buy it tomorrow.