A8N-SLI Premium Upgrade or Just parts?

On my computer I have a:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400 2.21 Ghz

2GB Ram

NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT OC

I want to play games like GTA IV on my PC (Yes I know it is glitchy and playing on a console is better) but in my preference I want to play all my games on PC or the Wii :D

And if I do upgrade, should I get a whole new motherboard and all the works or would the video card just do it?

Thanks in advance
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  1. The 7800gt is useless for anything any more. I know. I'm giving/have given mine away. A better card will help you play some games really well on that system. ( no more than a 4870 ) Having said that. It's dated and you should take a serious look at a major over haul in the near future. mobo/proc/ram, etc.
  2. well don't expect much from the PC in GTA IV, its recommended to use a quad core, you might be able to just replace the mobo but you should replace the PC soon

    though that S939 board makes a pretty handy file server (or many other server you want) because of the 8 internal Sata ports (4 through nForce and 4 through Sil3114R)

    though if you use the onboard sil3114R for raid only use the nForce gigabit ethernet, the broadcom gigabit and the sil3114R are both on the pci bus (they have to share pci remember), the nForce gigabit is on a pci-e x1 bus
  3. What kind of decent computer do you recommend now? Are Phenom's good? Or should I go with Intel?
  4. depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you are using the computer for

    Phenom I's are bad Phenom II's are good
  5. Maybe between $600-$800, not top notch but that will last me to upgrade later on too. I've been looking around on but some of the reviews are worrying me
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    ok here it goes, total before shipping came to: $758.88 (i had $25 shipping)

    CPU + GPU: AMD Athlon II X4 620 + XFX Radeon HD 5770
    CPU Cooler: Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120 mm Core-Contact Freezer
    RAM: G.SKILL ECO Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB
    Case: Antec Three Hundred Illusion

    as for future upgrades
    Motherboard supports crossfire so you can add another 5770 down the line or add 2 new ATI graphics cards
    AM3 socket is supposed to be capable of supporting Bulldozer (AM3r2 which might be called AM3+)
    PSU can support 2 x 5850's in crossfire

    the cpu cooler is in there to OC the Athlon II (can usually hit around 3.6GHz)
    the motherboard does have onboard video which can be disabled in the BIOS, i find this handy in case a GPU dies
    XFX has a wonderful double lifetime warranty meaning if you give/sell the card to someone else, they get a lifetime warranty on the gpu
  7. u ordered these parts separately or on a website? cuz I'll buy the whole comp as it is if u got this as a comp
  8. i didn't order this, and yes these are individual parts from the same site (newegg), i was just giving build advice
    my system is from about late Feb or so (about same performance though)
  9. thank you sir, this helps.
  10. if let's say i just wanted a new video card, what would be a good vid card for my set up?
  11. well like they said above, anything higher than a 4870 (even this) will mroe than likely be bottle necked, you might have to OC that processor as much as possible

    though the 5770 is about the same performance of the 4870, you could get the 5850 and wait to get a new build for a little bit but it will be bottle necked by the cpu, this also depends on your PSU too though, you haven't mentioned what PSU you have

    if you went this route you may also have a problem with only having 2GB of memory, and that DDR memory is expensive to upgrade to 4GB (another 2x1GB set would cost ~$70)

    also keep in mind what i said earlier, GTA IV recommends a quad core (as it is able to use them), though other games will probably fare better

    given all of this, i would recommend the new build, it does have a good upgrade path due to AM3 socket
  12. GTAIV struggles even on an E6600 @ 3ghz, but any other game should run sufficently etc
  13. The time to add another 7800GT has passed. Still, the motherboard and CPU can each go for a pretty penny up on eBay. SLi boards are in demand for users with 939 Athlon FX chips who either currently have something like a 9800GT/8800GT and want to add another one but only have a single slot board, or uses whom have burned out their nForce 4 boards but still have a decent dual core chip and video card setup. As for the 4200X2, some users may have a SLi setup already, but are being held back by a single core CPU so they will pay a pretty penny to get yours and see how far they can overclock it.
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