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I recently got a rig. I have 2 drives there 1 ssd and second is hdd. My question may sound stupid but I am a newbie in computers. Question: All the programs which are not very importand I will install on hdd, so where should I install the programs for them to work properly? I used to have a hard drive with the prorams file folder, where i kept all my programs.

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  1. The easiest way to do it is create two folders on the hard drive. Call on of them "Program Files" and the other "Program Files (x86)". When you go to install the program or game, you select Custom install and change 'C' to the letter of your hard drive. It will install the programs there and you'll be good to go. Here is a link to change your USER folder to your hard drive, which is a recommendation, as well.
  2. Thanks for help. So, as far i understand that i will end up having 1 program files folder on the ssd and another on hdd? And also, what is program files(86) for?

  3. Yes.... you'll have two program file folders

    Program Files - Are those that are 64-bit

    Program Files (x86) - Are those that are 32-bit
  4. What is the difference between 32 and 64 bit versions? Except 64 bit handles more ram.
  5. Pretty much is it... 64-bit OS / Programs are designed to be able to utilize the full amount of RAM
  6. Thanks for help. I will try to do it, but not sure that it will 100%, i am newbie.
  7. Sorry, forgot to ask, is it necessary to move user folder to the hdd ? Does it influence on the newly created programs folder on hdd? Thanks
  8. Typically, it is recommended to move the USER folder but not necessary. It plays a bigger part on smaller drives, as the USER folder can take up a lot of space with the music, videos and files saved to the drive.

    Once you change the USER folder locations, Windows will automatically save the required files to that folder when required. It doesn't play influence any program, except to provide where the files are saved.
  9. I am planning to save all my music, movies etc on the hdd. I will create special flder on hdd and will save my stuff there. Is there a any difference between USER folder and regular folder(which you can create)?
  10. The USER folder is the location where Windows defaults to when storing and accessing USER files. It is best to use it, versus having to always change the save location.
  11. Thanks for help. I know i am a big noob. lol I will follow your advise. Thanks again.
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