What G45 to dig up from Ebay or the like...

What was the best or one of the best Intel G45 mainboards made for the socket 775 chipset?

Looking to buy a used one that can overclock well.

I like the idea of using the mainboard after I upgrade it, HTPC or something, and I will probably never buy a mainboard again that does not have IGP (unlike years before) because there si no reason not to that I know of. The onboard graphics these days are worth it.

Another reason I want Intel over NVIDIA is that I plan to buy the ATI 5850 or 5870 and I don't like the idea of mixing chips with NVIDIA ..the 9300 isn't available anymore either.

The 4500 or X4500 Intel HD graphics are not the best of the three but they are good.

There is ONE G45 on Newegg but I know there were many at one time but what were they?
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  1. If newegg only has one g45 board, then it's being phased out. Whatever you order, you might want to order 2 boards if you plan on using your setup for 5 years or more. Cpus rarely fail if you have a quality ps and surge protection, and memory often has a lifetime warranty. Many boards don't last 5 years; I sometimes order one new and one open box from newegg for a spare. And the manufacturer will be out of stock of almost any board after one year, so even under warranty, you may not be able to replace it with the same board.
  2. I may have to finaly drop the hammer and buy a new system. It's going to be expensive though. My taste is like that. It'll have to be an EVGA mainboard that carries a lifetime warranty. Intel chipset. Probably Mushkin RAM - no better customer support anywhere for RAM. i7 920 CPU. Probably will spring for a 160Gb SSD vs two Velociraptors at $200 each for RAID 0. Two XFX ATI HD 5850 cards for SLI and my first SLI. Two 5850 cards is the first SLI that looks like it makes sense to invest in. Thermalright cooler with the bolt through kit + an Arctic Cooling fan presleeved by PC-Performance.com. Recycle my PC Power & Cooling 1000watt PSU and Lian Li tower case.

    Going over $2000.00 with this one.

    Wait ..nevermind, I can't afford all of this. Hahahaa
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