MSI K9A2 CF Bios update problem

When i use liveupdate in vista 64. live update tells me that i have latest bios ver 1.B0. But when i re-boot machine and look boot screen it says ver 1.1. Where is the problem? Is there protect mode or something in bios setup? Same happens when i try to update bios in dos mode whit 1.44 disc.
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  1. This is how you update using live update4. Download liveupdate to your hardrive. Install it. Go into your computer bios and disable "boot block" in the second section on the left side. Then reboot and go back to the msi website. Go to downloads and click on the update or similar button to download liveupdate. Continue and follow directions carefully. Select the windows version when prompted. If at any time you see a yellow bar on top of your screen, this means that the windows security protection may be blocking your update. Simply close the yellow bar by carefully clicking on the small "x" for this bar only, not the one in the upper right which will close the whole screen. The software may ask you to close all other programs, but you can ignore this and continue. When it starts to download, a small black window will appear. The flash program takes a couple of minutes to finish. Don't do anything; don't touch the keyboard. When it's done, it should reboot on it's own or ask you to reboot.
  2. I cant get it work :/ Thaks for help anyway :)
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