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I recently purchased a new desktop computer running Windows 7. I have a 500G Seagate external hard drive that I use to do scheduled backups of my data. The computer will not boot with the external drive plugged in via USB. When I unplug the usb, the computer boots with no problem. In the bios boot sequence, the order is (1) internal hard drive, (2) optical drive, (3) network driver, and (4) USB. The bios does not allow me to disable the USB on startup. I spoke with tech support from the computer manufacture. They told me all I have to do is plug in the external drive whenever I want to back something up. Ya right! Is this something that people are dealing with or should I send this box back and try someone else's. I would like to keep this one since it is such a pain in the a** to re install everything.
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  1. if the external has a power button use it.

    if not try disabling "usb legacy support" and see if that helps. I had a friend with this problem and that fixed it for him. You might have to unplug your kb and mouse after you reboot and plug them back in to let it redetect them (one guy on a forum said it didnt work for him till he did that).
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