Overcloaking Acer Laptop -HELP-

I have a cheap acer laptop and I get annoyed while playing on Call of duty 4 cause i have to run it on the lowest setttings possible so I'm thinking of overcloaking it. Yes.. I know IT's a bad idea and overheats and bla bla bla but I don't really care so I tried to use ATItools and it did not recognise my processor and I have used varaties of diffrent tools and it did not work. Can somebody tell me which program to use to overcloak my laptop or overcloak it? I would both like to overcloak my CPU and GPU.
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  1. Ha ha ha it mean D0 N0T OC LAPTOP not recommend, and you proof your bios locked :D everything will fail
  2. no matter what overclocking you do IT WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR GAME PERFORMACE

    you have an average laptop, not for gaming, if you want a gaming laptop you need A GAMING LAPTOP
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