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I've been running with 2GB of memory for a couple of years now. I assembled this computer myself and I don't do any overclocking. I originally bought 2 1GB Supertalent DIMMS and had no problems with them. This is what CPU-Z says about them


A few days ago I bought 2 Kingston 1GB DIMMS. The box says that they are KVR800d2N6. I installed them (each pair on a different colored slot) but the BIOS won't boot after that. My monitor won't turn on and after I take 2GB out the BIOS gives a message like "overclocking failed".

I checked the new DIMMS by themselves and they work fine (on the same computer). The only problem is when trying to combine them.

Any advice?
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  1. Try setting the timings manually to match the Kingston modules.
  2. Looking around, I only managed to find CL info for the kingston memory (CL 6). According to cpu-z the Supertalent DIMM is CL5. Is this why my bios hangs at startup? Is it enough to change the CL timing in the bios to the lower one or do I need to change them all?
  3. Try 6-6-6-18 which is fairly standard.
  4. I changed the timings to 6-6-6-18. I can boot with 3 DIMMS but not with 4...
    The board specification definitely specifically says that this board supports 4X1 configuration.

    Anything else I can try?

    BTW, according to CPU-Z the Kingston's are indeed 6-6-6-18.
  5. Mixing modules often leads to problems like that. Try to increase the voltage a bit, but don't exceed 2.0V.
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