I am looking into a new video card for my Dell Vostro 200

I'm looking for a video card that is around 30-60$ and can run games OK. My computer is a Dell Vostro 200.
I'm hoping to play modern games on it and have it be a BIG step up from my current integrated graphics chipset. Any suggestions?

P.S. I have heard that I need a low profile video card? (idk what that is...and do i need it?)

BTW, i have the dell vostro slim tower.
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  1. If you have a slim tower then you need a low profile (or low profile ready) graphic card. Within your budget there's 2 cards i'd recommend, both are HD4650s.

    This one is low profile ready, which means you'd have to replace the backplate with one that's included in the package.
    this other is an actual low profile card.

    Here's a graphic card hierarchy chart so you can see where the HD4650 DDR2 is listed.

    Neither cards needs to be plugged into your power supply.
  2. Thx! 1 more question. I ran numerous google searches about the vostro 200s power supply...Where can i get info / do you know if my power supply is enough? Because a few hinted toward it only having a 250watt power supply.
  3. A 250w power supply is just fine for the HD4650 low profile, it doesn't use much power. It only uses about 37 watts at load and your integrated graphics probably use about 13-15w, the extra 20w or so won't put a strain on your power supply.
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