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whenI log on to the internet the taskbar which appears a tthe bottom of my screen on desktop is hidden. I need to be able to access this when I am on the internet. The screen size has recently been changed
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  1. Find the instructions to your computer monitor, download them if necessary.
    Check to see that the settings of the monitor allow the entire desktop to be viewed...
    check the vertical size and horizontal size adjustments on the monitor
    there is a slight chance that the screen adjustment is oversized, blocking the view. This actually can happen.


    If you move the arrow mouse to the bottom of the screen, the taskbar should pop up.
    move the arrow to the very bottom of the screen and right click, left click properties
    uncheck the box that says: "Auto-hide the taskbar."

    There is also a chance that the software may have been corrupted. I have seen this happen before...
    after turning OFF the antivirus and firewall, and all other security where installed,
    insert the win XP disk in the drive, and do the REPAIR install.
    which does not erase the personal files, but does restore the OS to default.
    Often, this works just dandy. I have tried it myself and was delighted.

    If you look at the top of this forum you can find the instructions to do a repair / reinstall.
  2. Thanks - I unchecked the auto-hide box - it works!!
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