Disk drive won't work(PLEASE ANSWER)

As the title states, my disk drive won't work. I will put in a disk, but it will not do anything. I hear a sound of which might be the cd spinning, but it sounds like it might be getting stuck or something, although there is nothing blocking it (sounds similar to a record player playing a disc but getting stuck, over and over) I have attempted to clean it out, restart the system and even check the cd's for scratch's, all of which have not done anything to help it. The system itself is 9 years old, so a failure on it would not amaze me.

I would like assistance in what my next plan of action should be and how much will it cost?
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  1. Make sure that no cable came loose. If it's 9 years old, then it should probably be an IDE CD-ROM drive. Just buy a DVD-ROM drive to replace it. You can buy one for approximately $20.
  2. I took your advice and looked for lose cables, of witch there are none. I also noticed that when i insert a disk it gains power, but then losses it and repaets those steps 4 times without finally giving out.

    Also, your idea to buy a dvd-rom to replace it is something i suppose i will have to do if no other fixes can be made.
  3. If your drive is dirty, follow the cleaning procedure described at http://www.howtodothings.com/computers/a3631-how-to-clean-a-cd-rom-drive.html
  4. Okay, i will give it a shot and reply back to this forum when i am finished. Thanks for the steps you listed and i hope also things go well. But thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.
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